I Have A Dream

T. Casanova's dream journal. I have crazy dreams and I want to write about them. That's it, nothing special.

Monday, July 31, 2006

Monday, July 31st, 2006

I pull up to a 7-11 type convenient store. There are no parking spots so i park in the gravel next to the parking lot. I go inside and I see the Pakistani clerk. He seems to know me. I walk around for a minute and pick up a bottle of soda that was shaped like a syrup bottle. I cant remember the name but the flavor was "joltin black cherry." I briefly consider getting "interesting cotton candy" flavor but keep it moving. I'm looking for some pastry stuff like Twinkies or something. I rummage through a drawer and skip over some chocolate cupcakes, some zingers and pick up a non descript package that contains some generic twinkie type. I stand in the long line there are about 15 people in front of me and start people watching. A short Chinese man is trying to "pick up" a young Black girl. Her name was Towanda Matresse. She leaves and the chinese guy asks me if I know her. I say no, but she may work with me. He says if i see her again, be sure to give her his phone number. I say okay, but I don't know his phone number. I'm laughing to myself about this and the line is barely moving. The pakistani clerks wife comes out and opens a nother register. By this time it is 11:45 and I am late for work. I get to the register and I pull out a $5 bill and 2 $1. Then for good measure I take out a $20 bill and put it in my shirt pocket just in case it comes out to be more than $7. I ask the woman clerk for a pack of Blacks, she said they dont have any, and she offers me the mild light versions. I decline and ask for apple, there are tons of those just sitting in a bucket. She says "good, these are cheaper anyway" She rings me up and it comes out to be $12.56. Damn, shit was expensive in my dream. I turn to leave and I notice that Towanda's credit card is sitting on the counter. I tell the Pakistani's that I'm going to take the card to her, although I dont really know Towanda

I go to my car, and I notice that my back car door is open wide and my keys are hanging out of the drivers side door. Strange, because I have the remote unlocker thingy. I look around to make sure nothing is stolen and nobody is hiding in the back. The coast is clear and then I hear Val, a former co worker who still works for the company, just in another part. She tells me to wait until I get to work, cuz "its going down". Then the music video for "Its going down" by Yung Joc starts playing and everyone in the store, starts doing that motorcycle dance. I get in the car and drive to work, making a call on the cell phone.

I'm talking work with Michelle, another former coworker, that I cant stand. A task that should take about 30 seconds is taking 7 minutes. I am frustrated and keep putting the celly on mute so I can curse her out. She is talking deliberately slow and its pissing me off. Finally, I just say, I'll deal with this when I get to the office. I pull up to the office, which is for some reason located in my old apartment complex from when I lived in NY back in the 80's.

I go inside and I see a short Dominican girl trying to push a container that was about 7 feet tall. It had wheels on the top and no wheels on the bottom and tripod legs, so it was nearly impossible to push. She somehow managed to get on top of the container and flip it over to the side that had wheels. She was wearing a white lab coat, a red shirt and one of those plaid catholic school skirts. When she was flipping the container over, she hovered in the air like Superman and I tried to get a sneak peek at what her underwear looked like. (I know I'm a perv) I couldnt see them, because she had on some black pantyhose, so I only saw them. I offered to push the container for her and she said no. I pushed the button for the elevator to go to my desk, and noticed she was not moving. I said, okay, I'm going to take this for you whether you like it or not. She replied fine. I balanced the massive container on its one wheel, It was taller than me but with my outstretched arms I could reach the tripod legs that were on top now. It wasnt heavy, just cumbersome, so I had to maintain balance so it wouldnt fall.

We got off on the second floor and I asked her where it was supposed to go, She said just leave it by the elevator and she would get it later. She took a call on her cell phone and it was her husband. She was beaming and telling him that she loved him. I wasnt trying to holler at her, so I was cool. I carefully put the container down in the waiting room next to the chairs in the lobby. She moved over one of the chairs and walked around the corner. I followed her, pushing the container again. I went to tap her on the shoulder but accidentally ended up touching her booty. I apologized and she was fine, but her husband popped up from behind a cubicle and started cursing her out in Spanish. He called her puta and maricon, thats all I could make out. I told him, it was my fault and an accident, but he didnt even acknowledge my existence. I kept on walking and bumped in to a few coworkers. They were joning me about how I always be messing with taken women. I attempted to retort and tell them it was just an accident. Then Kim Fields, The Black lady from Mad Tv and the Sierra Mist commercials and some white TV actor that I cant place popped up and sent me into a dream sequence.

My dreams dream sequence was from the TV show "Scrubs" The whole cast was there, and for some reason Kim Fields morphed from present day Kim, to 80's Tootie. The guy from Scrubs, Zach Braff said... "I remember it like it was yesterday.." and everything got fuzzy. He was talking about the "woman for me", they showed a glimpse of her, she had a big hat covering the top of her head and had on a trench coat and sunglasses, to obscure her identity. He was narrating the rest of the dream, whatever is in quotation marks was said by the Scrubs guy. I saw the Love Boat, or a reasonable facsimile. He said "way back in the day she was made for you, but a horrible accident befell her." "Back before OJ Simpson broke the single season rushing record" and then they showed OJ in a Buffalo Bills uniform sitting on the deck of the cruise ship... "Before Michael Jordan threw his 4150th collegiate pass to Clark Kellogg." (They didnt even go to the same school. Jordan went North Carolina and Clark Kellogg either went to Iowa or Wake Forest, Im still sleepy, I'll figure it out later.)

Then they showed the girl. She was one of those video girls from early hip hop videos. The lightskinned chicks with the big hair and the 80's bathing suit with the bottoms that covered up her entire ass. I think it was the girl playing the saxophone in Biz Markie's "The Vapors" video. Anyway, MJ was tossing the ball around with some non descript dude on the deck of the cruise ship, when a pass went astray. He yelled LOOK OUT!!!, but it was too late and the video girl got it in the head and part of her skull flew off diagonally. They then cut back to the earlier picture of her in the hat and the hat was on her head diagonally as if to suggest that the top part of her head was gone.

And then I woke up...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday July 23rd (dream 2)

I don't remember too much about this one, b/c I wrote about the first dream I had today. It took place at my Aunt's old house in Stone Mountain. There was a big celebration, although I cant remember what it was for. Somebody graduating or something. My brother and cousin were going clubbing and I was going out with my people. I was with 2 females that I didn't know. Apparently I was going to hit up a strip club (shocking, huh? LOL.) Well, instead of driving, we took a cigarette boat like on Miami Vice and I was at wheel. It was strange, b/c what the hell do I know about driving a boat and why was the city of ATL covered in water. Anyway, about halfway through the dream, we met up with my brother and cousin and we all wanted to take a picture. I dont know how long it took in real life time, but the rest of the dream was us trying to coordinate the picture. I kept moving people (cuz i had the camera) trying to get them all to keep still and smile and stuff. When we all got in place, there was no one to take the picture, so I handed the camera to Fozzy from the Muppets (WTF) but he couldnt take the picture b/c he didnt have opposible thumbs. (He actually told me that was the reason). So I took the picture and Fozzy stood in the picture where I was standing with his arms around the 2 females that were with me. I looked at the picture in the digital display and the only thing i managed to take a picture of was the Bible my brother was holding in his hands. It was opened to the Book of John, but I couldnt see what chapter and verse. Something was highlighted but I couldnt make it out.

And then I woke up...

Sunday July 23rd (dream one)

I wasn't in my dream tonight other than to give the feeling that I knew the people in my dream. This girl was giving a video diary presentation. It was like MTV cribs at first. She opened the doors and welcomed the cameras to her place. It had hardwood floors and eclectic artsy taste. She was showing off her baby pictures and stuff. She then pulled out an Olympic gold medal for skeet shooting. I remember feeling in my dream, that I didnt know she was in the olympics. She then responded to my thought by telling me a bunch of other things I didnt know. It turned into a movie flashback instead of a documentary. We flash backed to I guess it was the like 1994, cuz she had that long weave with the front gelled down like SWV. And her girl had the Janet Jackson Poetic Justice braids.

Anyway, it's like 1994, and I'm watching the way she is relating to men. I saw how she would meet a guy, then he would run some game, then they would end up back at her place. I never saw the actual sex, the bedroom door would close right before that, but I did see the men leaving and the girl sitting on the bed under a white sheet and crying. It was obvious that she had low self esteem and was trying to use her sexuality to make men like her. It wasn't working. She felt like she was a hoe and decided to make some changes.

Fast forward a few years. I cant tell what year it was because all the hairstyles were from different eras. The girl was now wearing a dashiki and locs and a headwrap and she was volunteering at a free clinic. She told the young girls there about her experiences to get them to feel more empowered and make better choices. It was an uplifting portion of the dream

Another fast forward... She is competing in the 2004 Olympic games. I saw 2004 on the banner so I know it was that year, but it was anachronistic b/c the games were in Sydney (which was 2000) It was a montage of events, apparently she was in the decathalon. She wound up winning the gold in skeet shooting as previously mentioned. When she stood on the podium, I couldnt make out whose national anthem it was, although I had a feeling it was South Africa.

Another fast forward. She was working for a clothing designer in a metropolitian city. An old white man was at her apartment and trying to push up on her for the drawers. She was resistant, and when he tried to strong arm her, her girl (the one who had the Poetic Justice braids) came through and hit him over the head with a large blunt object. Then then tied him to a chair and started an internet feed that streamed all over the world. They told everybody about how he was an example of men trying to subjegate women and how they were not going to stand for it anymore. As a result she got famous and mad love from the viewing public. Thus, getting the MTV cribs type show to come to her house as mentioned earlier.

And then I woke up...

Friday, July 21, 2006

Thursday July 20th, 2006

I was on a dating reality show. It was kinda like Love Connection meets the 5th wheel. Only most of the women I was trying to get hooked up with were bloggers. The whole thing took place at my homeboy Kareem's mothers house. (Why is he popping up in my dreams? I need to check and see if he is still alive. I haven't heard from him in a few years.) Anyway, the host of the show was a typical corny white announcer, making silly jokes. I think it was supposed to be Chris Hardwick (from LB's The Minstrel Show album.) There weren't just 5 women, there were a gang of them and they went through elimination rounds. I remember that phone numbers popped up in front of them like on Amer. Idol, but we weren't on tv. The audience voted for which one I was most compatible with. A face I havent seen for almost 6 years was one of my dates. She's not a blogger, but in the dream she was. Her name is Andria. She had straw curls like she did that time when my ex did her hair at my apartment and I was uncomfortable because I didnt want them two together because I stopped talking to Andria to get with the ex. Andria made it to the final round along with 3 other current bloggers. For the final round I was sitting in Kareem's mother's kitchen with my brother and sister. I told them who I wanted to win, but it wasnt up to me. The audience voted for the most compatible.

Kareem's mother showed up and was like what are all these people doing in my house. I told her and she said, "well, that's all right, baby. you find you a woman and gave me a big "What's Happening" hug. I said "Mama, I can't breathe" like Raj. Anyway, back to the game show. There were some flashbacks to the dates like on "The Bachelor" and I had a good time with 3 of them. Except Andria. She was cussing me out for dissing her back in 1999. But at the end of the date, she still wanted to get picked. The corny announcer guy, held up an envelope and he chose a certain blogger as the winner. I was a little shocked because, I have never even seen her entire face, but in my dream, I had put the face to the name and I was happy with the audience's choice. She was a DJ and called me son. For our prize we got an all expense paid trip to Japan to see the Wu-Tang clan perform at the Great Wall of China. ( I know that makes no sense). We stood on the stage waving at the audience...

And then I woke up.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday July 17th

A middle of the day dream.

I was going to Miami to meet some of my coworkers from my department. We have a team in Atlanta that I manage and a team in Miami, that I talk to on the phone but have never met. I was driving an tan Altima down I 95. When I got to Miami, they told me that we were going to meet in Puerto Rico instead. I arrived there, (dont know how I drove across the ocean, but oh well). I was dressed in camoflauge gear and had a group of mercenaries dressed in all black with those walkie talkie headsets with me. The Miami crew (12 of them) were standing outside of a shack and in the background there was a sugar cane field. It was reminiscent of the field in the Candyman movie. I picked up a walkie talkie from my Altima, which was now Black instead of tan, and said, "commence the operation". The mercs swooped in and grabbed one of the Miami employees and threw him in a van. He was screaming like a woman, (probably b/c I think he is gay) and hitting them. The rest of the Miami employees were just looking around and speaking Spanish to each other. "Phase 2, I yelled and they grabbed two more people. Both of them are Cuban women and they were kicking and screaming, but eventually got thrown in the van.

Next thing i remember, I was dressed in a white linen suit with a widebrimmed hat and was chomping on a cigar. People called me jefe, which i think means chief. (At least it did in my dream.) Apparently I was a drug kingpin and the Miami crew were my workers. I walked up to them and introduced myself as Carlos. They all made a show of showing their fear. They were standing by a warehouse that was on the sugar cane field. I walked up and down the line and finally I pointed at one of the women. She was cowering before me and said "dont kill me jefe, I have a little baby" I told her that i wasnt going to kill her, but to bring the child to me. She went in the warehouse and brought the kid to me. He was supposed to be a baby, but was in actuality about 4 years old. I held the kid in my arms and then went back to my Altima, which was now a stretch limo. I put the kid in the backseat and we started driving.

While we were driving, my homeboy Kareem popped up with some clippers and was giving me a haircut in the car. It wasnt like a real haircut, it was more like he put the clippers close to my head and the hair just kinda fell off. Weird!! Then I asked him, where he learned to cut hair, he said in prison. (He was in prison, not sure what that symbolizes). We pull up to a banquet hall. They were throwing a party to commemorate my arrival. The van with the kidnapped Miami people was there. I looked inside the van and saw that they were bound and gagged. I told the mercenaries to let them go. They got out of the van and said "Thank you Jefe" and went inside the banquet hall. I was holding the 4 year old child and every time i moved i heard a rattling in his head, like a box of tic tacs.

I went inside the banquet hall and it was Dave and Busters. A bunch of people I know were inside playing games and eating chicken wings. I went to the bar and got a mojito with a sugar cane. As I was drinking it, some of my Atlanta team came up and presented me with white envelopes stuffed with money. Soon it was time for me to give a speech. I went to the head banquet table,(cuz it was no longer Dave and Busters, it was a hotel ball room) and adjusted the microphone....

And then I woke up.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

I Have A Dream

My obsession with blogging continues. I always seem to have vivid, crazy dreams. Sometimes I can remember them, other times I can't. What I'm trying to do here is to record these dreams in a journal format. I am aware that they may not make any sense, but I still want to be able to look back at them and try to analyze them. If you want to provide analysis, that's cool. If you just want a glimpse at how my mind works, I'm okay with that too. If you don't give a flying f*ck what I dream about, that also works for me. I know it sounds cliche but this blog is really for me. I wont be advertising this or telling you to check it out. I may not even be posting regularly. We'll just see how it goes. If you do read, expect misspelling and stream of consciousness writing, because I have to jot these thoughts down before they leave my mind. Now that that's out of the way, welcome to I HAVE A DREAM.

And then I woke up.