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Monday, July 24, 2006

Sunday July 23rd (dream one)

I wasn't in my dream tonight other than to give the feeling that I knew the people in my dream. This girl was giving a video diary presentation. It was like MTV cribs at first. She opened the doors and welcomed the cameras to her place. It had hardwood floors and eclectic artsy taste. She was showing off her baby pictures and stuff. She then pulled out an Olympic gold medal for skeet shooting. I remember feeling in my dream, that I didnt know she was in the olympics. She then responded to my thought by telling me a bunch of other things I didnt know. It turned into a movie flashback instead of a documentary. We flash backed to I guess it was the like 1994, cuz she had that long weave with the front gelled down like SWV. And her girl had the Janet Jackson Poetic Justice braids.

Anyway, it's like 1994, and I'm watching the way she is relating to men. I saw how she would meet a guy, then he would run some game, then they would end up back at her place. I never saw the actual sex, the bedroom door would close right before that, but I did see the men leaving and the girl sitting on the bed under a white sheet and crying. It was obvious that she had low self esteem and was trying to use her sexuality to make men like her. It wasn't working. She felt like she was a hoe and decided to make some changes.

Fast forward a few years. I cant tell what year it was because all the hairstyles were from different eras. The girl was now wearing a dashiki and locs and a headwrap and she was volunteering at a free clinic. She told the young girls there about her experiences to get them to feel more empowered and make better choices. It was an uplifting portion of the dream

Another fast forward... She is competing in the 2004 Olympic games. I saw 2004 on the banner so I know it was that year, but it was anachronistic b/c the games were in Sydney (which was 2000) It was a montage of events, apparently she was in the decathalon. She wound up winning the gold in skeet shooting as previously mentioned. When she stood on the podium, I couldnt make out whose national anthem it was, although I had a feeling it was South Africa.

Another fast forward. She was working for a clothing designer in a metropolitian city. An old white man was at her apartment and trying to push up on her for the drawers. She was resistant, and when he tried to strong arm her, her girl (the one who had the Poetic Justice braids) came through and hit him over the head with a large blunt object. Then then tied him to a chair and started an internet feed that streamed all over the world. They told everybody about how he was an example of men trying to subjegate women and how they were not going to stand for it anymore. As a result she got famous and mad love from the viewing public. Thus, getting the MTV cribs type show to come to her house as mentioned earlier.

And then I woke up...


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