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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Monday July 17th

A middle of the day dream.

I was going to Miami to meet some of my coworkers from my department. We have a team in Atlanta that I manage and a team in Miami, that I talk to on the phone but have never met. I was driving an tan Altima down I 95. When I got to Miami, they told me that we were going to meet in Puerto Rico instead. I arrived there, (dont know how I drove across the ocean, but oh well). I was dressed in camoflauge gear and had a group of mercenaries dressed in all black with those walkie talkie headsets with me. The Miami crew (12 of them) were standing outside of a shack and in the background there was a sugar cane field. It was reminiscent of the field in the Candyman movie. I picked up a walkie talkie from my Altima, which was now Black instead of tan, and said, "commence the operation". The mercs swooped in and grabbed one of the Miami employees and threw him in a van. He was screaming like a woman, (probably b/c I think he is gay) and hitting them. The rest of the Miami employees were just looking around and speaking Spanish to each other. "Phase 2, I yelled and they grabbed two more people. Both of them are Cuban women and they were kicking and screaming, but eventually got thrown in the van.

Next thing i remember, I was dressed in a white linen suit with a widebrimmed hat and was chomping on a cigar. People called me jefe, which i think means chief. (At least it did in my dream.) Apparently I was a drug kingpin and the Miami crew were my workers. I walked up to them and introduced myself as Carlos. They all made a show of showing their fear. They were standing by a warehouse that was on the sugar cane field. I walked up and down the line and finally I pointed at one of the women. She was cowering before me and said "dont kill me jefe, I have a little baby" I told her that i wasnt going to kill her, but to bring the child to me. She went in the warehouse and brought the kid to me. He was supposed to be a baby, but was in actuality about 4 years old. I held the kid in my arms and then went back to my Altima, which was now a stretch limo. I put the kid in the backseat and we started driving.

While we were driving, my homeboy Kareem popped up with some clippers and was giving me a haircut in the car. It wasnt like a real haircut, it was more like he put the clippers close to my head and the hair just kinda fell off. Weird!! Then I asked him, where he learned to cut hair, he said in prison. (He was in prison, not sure what that symbolizes). We pull up to a banquet hall. They were throwing a party to commemorate my arrival. The van with the kidnapped Miami people was there. I looked inside the van and saw that they were bound and gagged. I told the mercenaries to let them go. They got out of the van and said "Thank you Jefe" and went inside the banquet hall. I was holding the 4 year old child and every time i moved i heard a rattling in his head, like a box of tic tacs.

I went inside the banquet hall and it was Dave and Busters. A bunch of people I know were inside playing games and eating chicken wings. I went to the bar and got a mojito with a sugar cane. As I was drinking it, some of my Atlanta team came up and presented me with white envelopes stuffed with money. Soon it was time for me to give a speech. I went to the head banquet table,(cuz it was no longer Dave and Busters, it was a hotel ball room) and adjusted the microphone....

And then I woke up.


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