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Friday, July 21, 2006

Thursday July 20th, 2006

I was on a dating reality show. It was kinda like Love Connection meets the 5th wheel. Only most of the women I was trying to get hooked up with were bloggers. The whole thing took place at my homeboy Kareem's mothers house. (Why is he popping up in my dreams? I need to check and see if he is still alive. I haven't heard from him in a few years.) Anyway, the host of the show was a typical corny white announcer, making silly jokes. I think it was supposed to be Chris Hardwick (from LB's The Minstrel Show album.) There weren't just 5 women, there were a gang of them and they went through elimination rounds. I remember that phone numbers popped up in front of them like on Amer. Idol, but we weren't on tv. The audience voted for which one I was most compatible with. A face I havent seen for almost 6 years was one of my dates. She's not a blogger, but in the dream she was. Her name is Andria. She had straw curls like she did that time when my ex did her hair at my apartment and I was uncomfortable because I didnt want them two together because I stopped talking to Andria to get with the ex. Andria made it to the final round along with 3 other current bloggers. For the final round I was sitting in Kareem's mother's kitchen with my brother and sister. I told them who I wanted to win, but it wasnt up to me. The audience voted for the most compatible.

Kareem's mother showed up and was like what are all these people doing in my house. I told her and she said, "well, that's all right, baby. you find you a woman and gave me a big "What's Happening" hug. I said "Mama, I can't breathe" like Raj. Anyway, back to the game show. There were some flashbacks to the dates like on "The Bachelor" and I had a good time with 3 of them. Except Andria. She was cussing me out for dissing her back in 1999. But at the end of the date, she still wanted to get picked. The corny announcer guy, held up an envelope and he chose a certain blogger as the winner. I was a little shocked because, I have never even seen her entire face, but in my dream, I had put the face to the name and I was happy with the audience's choice. She was a DJ and called me son. For our prize we got an all expense paid trip to Japan to see the Wu-Tang clan perform at the Great Wall of China. ( I know that makes no sense). We stood on the stage waving at the audience...

And then I woke up.


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