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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Sex Dream 8/26/06

She came over to my house wearing BabyPhat jeans and a flowing white blouse with Native American embroidery on the collar. I was sitting on the sofa watching the Atlanta Falcons play the Minnesota Vikings. She used her key, so I didn't have to get up. I said "hey you" She responded "hey baby boy, don't get up" I wanted to give her a hug and a kiss but she motioned for me to stay where i was. She was holding a grocery bag and went directly into the kitchen. I went back to watching the game while she unloaded the bag and put some ingredients in the blender. As she turned it on, I looked over and saw that she was naked, although I could only see her top half. Her breasts were smooth and caramel and had some sort of glitter on them. I guess she had disrobed in the kitchen, while I wasn't paying attention. I stood up and walked towards the kitchen to get a closer look. The blender was still making its grinding sounds and I walked up behind her kissed her on the back of her neck, as I ran my right hand across her exposed stomach. She told me to wait, and I obliged although the tightness in my pants was making that almost impossible. "Drink this" she said and handed me a frozen drink. It was sweet and tasted of cinnamon and mint. She led me to the bedroom, unbuckling my belt and putting her hands in my boxers while massaging my erection. She sat down on the bed and I leaned down to kiss her. Her lips were soft and her tongue aggressive in my mouth. I pushed her down in a prone position and placed my face between her thighs and tasted her. She moaned empathically, then sat up and said, "Not yet... Me first."

At that moment I noticed her pink lip gloss, as she grabbed me and enveloped my penis in her mouth. I lost speech and was reduced to just making sounds, like "uh, and ooh, and shit" I'm standing at this point and she is sitting on the edge of the bed. While she has me in her mouth, she is cupping my scrotum with one hand and has the other hand on my butt. Her head is moving back and forth in a slow deliberate pace, making sure that every part of me is feeling it. I feel my knees buckle with every stroke. Sensing this she tells me to lay down on the bed. I do, and she moves with me, never taking me releasing me from her mouth while I move. I'm now laying on my back and she no longer moving slowly, but in a vigorous motion, her long hair tickling my stomach. I am feeling pure ecstacy, and on the verge of cumming when she suddenly stops and says: "Not yet." I try to contain myself. I remember that I start thinking of non sexual things trying to calm down (but I can't remember exactly what they were.) I try to get up so I can do her, but she is straddling me with her legs across my waist. She pushes me down and says, "this is your day!" She has a powder blue hair scrunchie on her wrist. She takes it off and I think she is going to tie up her hair, but instead she puts it around my scrotum. I ask what is she doing, she says "I'll see" She motions for me to sit up and I do on the edge of the bed. She is on the floor on her knees. She starts sucking again, and the feeling is amazing, every stroke feels like I am cumming, but I can't because the scrunchie is stopping the flow. I am losing my mind. I reach for the scrunchie, but pushes my hand away, and in my euphoric state, I am in no position to fight her. This goes on for awhile, and I feel it like it's happening in real life. My balls are all swollen and sensitive, but she doesn't take mercy on me. Instead she begins licking the boys. I still am about to bust, but can't. She hums a melody on them, until I can't take it anymore and just fall back on the bed, defeated. She then crawls up my body, and takes a seat on my face. I can feel her wetness as I start to perform cunninglingus on her. Her legs are bent and I am grasping at her thighs as she instinctively squirms and tries to move away. She moans at first, then starts squealing and finally begins yelling my name. She is about to climax, but I remember the teasing that she gave me and I stop. She punches me on the shoulder and says 'you better not stop' In a muffled voice, I say "You did", She says, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, now keep going" I laugh and begin making a circular motion with my tongue around her clitoris. Her body is convulsing and she is calling on God...

And then I woke up.


Blogger Phoenix said...

Very good dream. I'm gonna have to try and remember it when I go to sleep tonight from the female point of view. Wow I need a cigarette ( and I don't even smoke).

Sun Aug 27, 04:49:00 PM  
Blogger nikki said...

well DAMN.

Wed Aug 30, 01:47:00 PM  

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