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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The Love Quadrilateral - Friday Night September 1st

I had a dream that I was in a love quadrilateral. The main characters were all women I know.

It was taking place at my grandmothers house. It was late night and I was making out with Girl 1. As we kissed, I got hard and she got wet, but we didnt have sex. I walked into the kitchen for a minute and Girl 1 wasnt there, but Girl 2 was sitting on the couch filing her nails with a nail file. We talked for awhile, we had a long ass conversation, but then she picked up her phone and started checking her messages. She had like 70 messages from LavaLife subscribers, the dating service. For some reason she put it on speaker so I could hear them. Dudes were sexually soliciting her and she was getting excited that so many men wanted her. I got mad and stormed off and went into what used to be my moms bedroom at my grandmothers house. Girl 1 was laying in the bed and we started making out again. Just when we were about to consumate the act, she was gone again. I walked out to the living room where Girl 2 was, and she was saying some lewd stuff into her phone to entice the dating service guys. I said to her, just so you know this shit is not cool with me. If you with me, then you with me. If not then just leave. I had the mean face on and i saw my grandma, she asked what was wrong and I told her what Girl 2 was doing and grandma said, "dont worry about her, there are plenty of other women out there that want you."

Intermission - I was driving down a deserted road. I think it was in the UK cuz I was in a convertible spider and I was on the wrong side of the road. There was grass on the sides, so it wasnt desert, but there was noone else there. I had on a suit with no tie. Suddenly a helicopter came up on me and there was a white guy in a suit with an umbrella and a white women in a black dress standing there. There was dramatic music in the background. I think they were from an old TV show called the Avengers, but I swear I have never watched that show before. Anyway, cant remember what happened in this part of the dream.

Back to the original dream, I woke up and had a talk with Girl 1. She said that she loved me, but she wasn't sure i was serious about her. I told her that she was right and she better fly back to where she came from. She gave me a hug and disappeared. My brother popped up, and he was eating from a take out box from an Italian restaurant. I dont know what it was, but it was yellowish like an omelette, and it had tomatoes sliced on top of it and smelled of garlic. There was also crab meat in it and scallops. It must be important because I focused on that plate a lot. Girl 2 was sitting in the living room and we had a heart to heart. She said that she really wanted me, but didnt feel that she had enough to keep me. I told her that was crazy, which made the situation worse cuz she started crying. I diverted my attention to Girl 3. She was sitting at my grandma's dining room table, and she was writing a business proposal. I walked up and kissed her on the back of the neck. She turned around and said hey. I asked what she was doing, and she told me that she was working on a real estate thing, she used some big words that were foreign to me, not knowing much about property. She exuded confidence, and I was in awe of her determination. She pulled out some markers and started to draw the logo of a store here. I dont know if its nation wide, but its called Scotty's. She asked how they spell Scotties and what color the logo was. I said S-C-O-T-T-I-E-S. And the logo is orange and green and white. Like the flag of Scotland (I have no idea if this is right or not, but thats what I said in the dream) She had written out S-C_O_T_T_Y_'s and was half way through coloring it in with an orange marker. She asked if I was sure and I told her yes. She said, I dont think you are right and said she would keep it the way it was. I went in to the family room and got the newspaper from where my grandmother always puts them, and started looking through the coupons. After rummaging for awhile, I found a sales paper and saw that I was right and I ran to show Girl 3. Girl 3 blew me off and said that her investors wouldnt know the difference so she was keeping it. We kissed and I left her to continue her work.

I went back to Girl 2, she was sitting on the couch talking about how I had too many women for her to be happy with me. I told her that we never made it exclusive so I could do what I want. She pulled out a notebook and started writing. All of a sudden her parents were there, and they were consoling her. Girl 2 got angry and started to charge at me, but her father (whom I have never met) held her back. She flipped over my grandmothers coffee table and broke the candy dish that always has mints and cinnamon hard candies. I picked up a piece of candy and sat on the floor by the dining room table. My little nephew came through and he was walking. He's only 8 months old. I played with him and watched him walk amazed that just yesterday he was crawling and now he was damn near running. My brother came through again and he was still eating from that styrofoam container. My dream focused on the meal again. We talked for a minute and I told him I was done with Girl 1 and that Girl 2 was acting like a damn fool and I should have known better than to bring her to my grandma's house. He didnt say anything but nodded his head like, yeah nigga you stupid. My nephew ran by and I chased him to the garage of my grandma's house. There, Girl 3 was holding a meeting with her investors. She had on a grey business suit and glasses and had her hair slicked back so she looked like a professional business women. I sat there in awe of her as she held her audience captive.

I went back to the living room and Girl 2 was still cussing me out. I announced that I was done with her and then her voice went silent although I could still see her gesticulating and yelling at me. Girl 1 walked out the front door with a big suitcase and said, goodbye, sucker. I waved goodbye and said take Girl 2 with you. She did.

And then I woke up...


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